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Wireless Presentation & Conferencing

ScreenBeam’s award-winning solutions transform meeting and learning spaces with agnostic support for video conferencing tools and app-free wireless display.

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The most flexible collaboration and content sharing platform.

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ScreenBeam 1100 Plus


ScreenBeam Brings Teacher Agility to Every Classroom


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Featured Products

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus

Flexible, high-performing wireless presentation and Unified Communications (UC) platform

The ScreenBeam 1100 Plus delivers contactless wireless presentation with web conferencing for rich content sharing. With app-free support for Windows, Apple and Chromebook devices, users tap once to wirelessly present and markup content on in-room displays from their own device. It’s easy to connect both employees and guests with three separate network interfaces that keep guests off the company network. Administrators can breathe easy with three levels of security covering every point of the connection and included ScreenBeam CMS Enterprise multi-user, role-based monitoring and management solution. Every ScreenBeam 1100 Plus receiver includes ScreenBeam Conference software free providing users the flexibility to use their laptops and the UC system of their choice to host/join meetings while connected to the room display and peripherals such as the camera, microphone and speakers.

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ScreenBeam 1000 EDU

App-Free 4K Wireless Screen Sharing and Annotation from Any Teacher Device

ScreenBeam 1000 EDU delivers app-free screen sharing from any teacher device eliminating the need to download an app or keep a cable or dongle nearby. Simply tap to wirelessly connect a mobile device to the room display. Teacher and guest devices have multiple ways to connect including local Wi-Fi mode, peer-to-peer Miracast™ and network infrastructure connectivity. Teachers can display up to four student screens simultaneously, and with a Windows 10 device can ink and annotate in Office 365 apps and share notes to student devices or the front-of-room display. Includes the enhanced ScreenBeam Classroom Commander experience, providing both wireless display and student device orchestration for Windows 10 or Chromebook student devices.

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ScreenBeam Conference

Wirelessly connect user devices to the room display and peripherals

ScreenBeam Conference software is included with every ScreenBeam 1100 Plus receiver to wirelessly connects users to displays and room peripherals and create effective hubs for collaboration between in-room and remote meeting participants. Content on the room display can be easily shared to remote participants so everyone can be fully engaged. Meeting hosts can instantly launch a UC meeting using the web conferencing service of their choice. Using their personal device to drive the meeting eliminates contact with all room dongles, cables or tablets for a safe experience. ScreenBeam Conference expands on the capabilities of expensive traditional room systems without the additional hardware or restrictions.

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ScreenBeam Classroom Commander

Orchestrate Student Chromebook and Windows 10 Devices

Included with every ScreenBeam 1000EDU wireless display receiver, Classroom Commander combines wireless display with student device orchestration to improve lesson flow and collaboration. Teachers and students are untethered from the classroom display creating an agile learning experience to share, collaborate, present, and interact together, while teachers maintain complete control of the classroom. Teachers can monitor student screens and active applications in real-time, command attention by blanking student screens and locking keyboards and launch URLs and chats to a single student, group or the entire classrooms.

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Solution Briefs

Enable Safe Workplace Collaboration with ScreenBeam Wireless Presentation

Creating safer, easier and smarter work areas is essential for employee health and productivity, which is why contactless technologies and hybrid work should be top of mind as employees rephase back to the office.

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Higher Education Solutions for Future Readiness

Higher learning organizations worldwide are considering how to transition back to campus safely in our current age of social distancing. ScreenBeam provides colleges and universities a wireless presentation solution to create agile learning spaces, conference rooms and board rooms.

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Mobility is the Key to Future-Ready Schools

ScreenBeam provides districts and schools around the globe a wireless presentation solution to create agile learning spaces, conference rooms and board rooms. Teachers are free to move around the room and more easily adjust to social distancing protocols, and even in some cases adjust to a hybrid model of learning that places some students outside the room.

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