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171" AIO, DVLED, P1.6, 500Nit 3x1 Array,21:9 Includes Mount/Trim Kit

Manufacturer: LG
Category: All-in-one Systems
Availability: Call
MSRP: $80,000.00
With the support of a 21:9 aspect ratio, LAED series provides an immersive viewing experience. Its screen specialization helps display content including videoconferencing platforms with natural details LG’s LED All-in-One LAED series with its 171-inch screen size is offered as an all-in-one package including an embedded controller and built-in speaker. It doesn't require controller connections or module configurations eliminating the complexity of most LED display installations. After installation, simply turn on the screen with a remote control like a home TV. In the off chance of LED module of system board failure, it can be serviced from the front. The LED module can be simply detached with the provided magnetic tool and replaced quickly without cabling. The installation process of the All-in-One LAED series is simple. Secure the three cabinets in its desired location to the included wall mount, attach each LED display module to the cabinets, and then plug in the power cable. This simple installation relieves the burden of intense labor. By selecting Office Meeting Mode it allows you to configure meeting room details like the room number and current time. Other convenient features include automatic input switching, a presentation timer, and adjustable settings such as auto-brightness and picture mode. The LAED series has been certified Crestron Connected for a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls to achieve seamless integration and automated network based control. The All-in-One LAED series includes an option that allows for landscape wall mount installation or by purchasing the optional dedicated stand depending on your installation sites. The DPM function of the LED screen allows it to enter a standby mode after a specific period of time when there is no signal from the input source device. Powered by LG’s high performance system controller, the LAED series is compatible with LG software solutions including SuperSign CMS, LED Assistant, and ConnectedCare, which help customers have even more control over their systems
  • All-in-One LED Screen
  • Dedicated Accessories
  • 21:9 Screen Aspect Ratio
  • Easy Installation & Quick Maintenance